Argo Records was a British record label founded in 1951 by Harley Usill and Cyril Clarke. They released Railway Series recordings read by Willie Rushton on record and cassette. Argo also re-issued Johnny Morris' recordings onto cassette.

In 1957, Decca Records brought the rights from Argo, but still released under the name. Usill left after PolyGram and created his own company ASV Records.

Argo relaunched in 1990, and continued releasing music until 1998. Universal now controls the Argo catalogue.


  1. The Railway Stories Volume 5
  2. The Railway Stories Volume 6
  3. The Railway Stories Volume 7
  4. Johnny Morris Reads Railway Stories
  5. Johnny Morris Reads More Railway Stories
  6. The Railway Stories read by William Rushton
  7. More Railway Stories
  8. Further Railway Stories